5th Leadership Talk with the President & Group CEO of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Women In Rail Malaysia had the privilege of meeting and listening to Puan Masnizam Hisham, President & Group CEO of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad – the first Malaysian speaker at a Women In Rail Malaysia Leadership Talk. Great figures are usually seen from afar and placed on a higher pedestal of perfection compared to those we know personally. It is refreshing to be in the audience when leaders share their stories that make them human. Puan Mas started with sharing her biggest no-no: team members that only make noise but do not produce results; those who do not put in their professional and intellectual weight.

We must have substance. We must know our subject. Give solutions, give proof that we are the subject matter expert. Be confident and communicate with conviction. Find good, dependable info and strong data that will help us articulate what’s in our heads.

She went on to urge being quick and to take on 10 things at a fast speed, calculating risks at the same time. Getting 8 of those things right and then having to step back with 2 things is better than missing the optimal time frame of implementation with over-analyzing and then ending up with far less things achieved.

​ No need to dwell. Ask ourselves the question: “Can I live with it?” If the answer is yes, go ahead.

​ A specific list for the ladies:
  1. Even though we are hardwired and end-to-end encrypted to have a hard time shutting down, we have to force compartmentalization. Put things into perspective. Look at the big picture, think of things in the long term. Make actual, literal notes.
  2. Our work might not end when we step out of the office. We have to work twice as hard: at work and at home. So strive to be healthy, make sure we have the energy to keep on persisting, have tenacity and be brave to take calculated risks. Passion and positivity fuels our stamina.
  3. Rise to the occasion. Self-motivate. Whisper good and amazing things to ourselves about ourselves. Practice power poses while we’re at it.
  4. “We must have balls, even though we don’t have balls.”