Mentorship Programme


The Women in Rail Malaysia Mentorship Programme is developed to help women working in the Malaysian rail industry receive advice and support from a more senior industry professional in their development, personal growth and confidence and ensure they have the necessary tools to further their career and realise their full potential.

The Women in Rail Malaysia Mentorship Programme aims to show to people within and outside of the rail industry that our sector is willing to support its women, help them grow in their roles and work out development plans, thereby reinforcing the image of rail as a close-knit community committed to nurturing and fostering talent.

​Anyone who works in or is/has been affiliated to the rail sector can register for the Programme, either as mentor, mentee or both. However, men can only register as mentors as the purpose of the Programme is to provide support to women within the Malaysian rail industry. ​
Mentorship is a reciprocal process, one where both mentee and mentors learn: mentees learn from the experience of their mentors and typically mentors learn to see the world from the point of view of the mentee, and this can often augment the mentor’s own management skills and awareness.

​Details on how best to approach the mentorship relationship are set out in the Mentor and Mentee Information Packs which will be sent to you once you have registered to take part in the Women in Rail Malaysia Mentorship Programme.

Be a Mentee

You must be prepared to commit to the mentorship relationship, show dedication and enthusiasm and make yourself available to your mentor who will be prepared to give you up to 12 one-hour sessions a year of his/her precious time.

Your role will be to be clear about your objectives and the level and nature of the advice and support that you are seeking from your mentor. You will be driving the mentorship process.

You will have to be prepared to be challenged, learn from examples and mistakes, listen and be listened to although you will always be free to decide whether or not to utilise any advice offered by your mentor, essentially because the process is about empowering and creating space for you to come up with responses and approaches that you own and can realise for yourself.

In return, you will be supported and encouraged, learn how things work within the industry, develop your self-confidence, be assisted with your career development and create or expand your network within the sector.

Become a Mentor

Anyone, man or woman who works in or is/have been affiliated to the rail industry can register to be a mentor on the Women in Rail Malaysia Mentorship Programme.

You must be prepared to offer no more than 12 one-hour sessions a year to your mentee, unless you and your mentee agree otherwise, of course.

An effective mentor will provide a safe space and offer objective advice and guidance and work through issues thereby helping the mentee find her own solutions and paths through active listening, constructive feedback and sharing her own experiences. The mentor will focus on the mentee, her career aspirations and support for individual growth and discussions will therefore include things such as work/life balance, self-confidence, self-perception and how the personal influences the professional.

​For you personally, being a mentor will help you see the world from the point of view of a less experienced professional.
* Registration is now closed.
We’ll re-open registration next year! Stay tuned!