Women in Rail Malaysia conducted its first ever virtual workshop via Zoom over two weekends: Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th June 2020. Gill How, a highly qualified and accredited business coach and leadership development consultant, who is also a member of Women in Rail in the UK, had planned to come to Malaysia to personally meet our members and share her knowledge. However, the COVID-19 outbreak put a halt to her plans, but thankfully with the help of technology, very little is impossible in this day and age.  Opened exclusively to Women in Rail Malaysia’s members, Gill’s Strength Skills Workshop was highly interactive as she made sure every participant was responsive and fully participated in the two-hour workshop.

Even from afar thousands of miles away, Gill was interestingly able to assess a participant’s strengths through their voice intonation facial expressions and gestures. Gill helped coach the participants to independently evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and she was also able to give them the mind space they needed to figure out ways to stretch themselves and to also better manage their weaknesses. Her calm demeanor encouraged attendees to speak more openly thus allowing her to further assess the verbal responses and body language of participants.

Gill’s engaging and witty coaching style made the enriching session feel like the “shortest two hours ever”, as commented by some of the participants. The lessons learned from the workshop would not only be useful professionally, but in other aspects of life as well.

Women in Rail Malaysia’s members are extremely fortunate to have generous people like Gill How imparting her knowledge and insight during a global crisis. This really goes on to show that knowledge sharing is truly limitless. More information on Gill can be found on her website . She writes and publishes newsletters that are wide-ranging in topic that resonate with all of us who are on the constant lookout for motivation, direction or just searching for an overall great, beneficial read.

Here is some feedback received from the sessions:
“It was a really enriching session!”

“I really enjoyed the workshop and definitely benefited from it especially on how to further strengthen my strengths. I will definitely be using what I learnt today to update my LinkedIn profile”.

“Awesome workshop. Will definitely be using some of the things I learned today”.

“It was wonderful and really enriching for me. Gill is a very good speaker. She got us all participating in her session”.

“I like how this workshop was interactive and how everyone was given the opportunity to speak up”.

“This is the most interactive workshop I have attended. Ms Gill really gave me a new perspective on the definition on self-strength”.

“Experienced and competent speaker, great workshop coordination”.