The Secret to Motivation & Commitment: How to Build a Team that Cares

Women in Rail Malaysia conducted their second online workshop on 23rd October 2020 focused on strengthening and improving the work culture. The session was led by Mark Sharratt, a much sought-after keynote speaker, consultant and executive coach who believes that the ability to build strong enduring relationships is the secret to creating a high-performance team.

It was opened exclusively to Women in Rail Malaysia’s members and almost 40 of them signed up for this session that was held through an online platform called Zoom.

Through this online workshop, Mark trained the participants to become more resilient and also to unlock their ability to exploit growth opportunities. This session had members ranging from top to low management level positions from different work background i.e HR, Accounts, Engineering, Public Relations so on and so forth.

Mark made the participants discuss about their work culture, subordinates and fed the participants ideas and ways to strengthen their culture, build team engagement and prepared them to meet both opportunities and challenges equally. Mark reminded the participants that if we possess a strong mindset along with the fundamental core behaviours, one can always be the best!