Transformation in Construction: MRT Jakarta

“Sylvia was very inspiring. Her knowledge in the rail related industry is just extraordinary!”-Nina  Jamil, Women in Rail Malaysia. 

“This session is an eye opener. It feels amazing to learn and connect with female leaders from  the rail industry!”- Iylia Izani, Women in Rail Malaysia. 

The iron lady of PT MRT Jakarta Indonesia, Silvia Halim spoke at Women in Rail Malaysia’s  lunchtime talk on 24th September 2021 organized, alongside the YTL Learning Academy.  

Speaking to more than 100 members of Women in Rail Malaysia and friends from the Malaysian  rail industry, the PT MRT’s Construction Director shared her experience working in Indonesia’s  first underground train system and the current progress of MRT in Jakarta.  

Our audience found it enthralling learning from a female leader in the rail industry as this field is  traditionally synonymous with rail being a male-dominated industry. Despite the virtual talk  being held during lunchtime, the number of participants in Zoom just kept increasing as everyone  was eager to meet and listen to what Sylvia had to share. 

The one-hour interactive session also focused on MRT Jakarta’s progress during the building  stage, operation and maintenance of the MRT, including challenges from the beginning of the  construction till its completion phase. Silvia also patiently answered the questions that kept on  pouring in from the participants.  

Silvia is most definitely living proof of how women can thrive in the rail and engineering field.  Being the Construction Director for a national rail project is no mean feat and Women in Rail  Malaysia was so grateful to have been able to learn and grow from Silvia’s massive experience.

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