Women in Rail Malaysia Members Passed TOEIC Test with Flying Colours

On the 17 th of August 2019, 18 members of Women in Rail Malaysia (WIR) sat for the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test organized by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) learning centre in Kuala Lumpur. The TOEIC test is the global standard for workplace English-language assessment. More than 10,000 organizations in 120 countries rely on the TOEIC test to measure
their staff’s English proficiency. In Malaysia, companies like AirAsia, Bridgestone, Canon, ExxonMobil, Honda, Panasonic and many others rely on the TOEIC test for their human capital assessment and development. Even some universities and institutions of higher education in Malaysia recommend their students to take the TOEIC test prior to graduation. This includes Politeknik Ungku Omar, Yayasan Pelajaran MARA, Crescendo International College, Ambitious College, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, UKM and USM. The TOEIC test score report is a valid document and is recognized worldwide. 

On 25 th September 2019,Mr.Ezani and team presented the TOEIC tests results to Ms.Natasha Zulkifli, the Founder Director of Women in Rail Malaysia and to the rest of the members who sat for the test. WIR Malaysia topped the overall score chart and the members were very pleased with the results obtained with the highest score being 985/990. The excellent results of the 18 individuals showed that our members are indeed
world class in terms of their English proficiency. It also emphasised and reaffirmed Women in Rail Malaysia’s commitment to supporting the professional development of its members. The confidence gained by Women in Rail Malaysia members after the results of the tests was released, gave them boost which not only will enhance their career development, but also make them more marketable in the international rail industry as rail professionals.